Are you wasting money on your I/O?

Nott Company is an authorized distributor of MRS Electronic MicroPlex CAN controllers. Our teams have the expertise necessary to help you quickly and efficiently increase only the I/O your machine needs for added functionality, diagnostics, or new electrified controls.

Why Builtrite™ Trusts Nott Company

Builtrite’s Director of Engineering, Karl Johnson, is confident the Nott team is capable and dedicated to deliver custom valve designs that incorporate innovative features in support of global applications and flexibility. The team consistently provides rapid response to Builtrite’s needs through Nott’s recently expanded Valve Build Program.

Introducing: The Claw Game by Nott

“This project was never about re-inventing the claw machine. It has always been about showcasing the ingenuity of our engineers, the quality of our products, and the advancements that have been made in the world of hydraulics.”

Nott Company has officially debuted the new claw machine at the Battery Show & EV Tech Expo, which runs from September 13-15 in Novi, MI.

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