History of Nott Company

William S. Nott founded the Nott Company in 1879. The company started business supplying leather drive belts for the milling and lumber industries. Nott employees made the belts from animal hides using water power from St. Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River, near what is now downtown Minneapolis. Other products evolved, from luggage, horse harnesses and leather dice cups to hand-drawn fire engines, steam pumps and, by the early 1900s, motorized fire engines. Remnants of the old fire equipment distribution business can still be found throughout the Nott company’s offices today.

About 1940, Nott Company shifted its business focus to include the distribution of industrial rubber products, power transmission products, material handling equipment and fire equipment. From this business focus emerged the Industrial division. Today, Nott's Industrial Division engages in assembly, component kitting and distribution of a wide range of industrial products throughout the Midwest and Canada.


Out of the rubber products distribution business grew another offshoot, in 1961: the Rubber Fabrication Division. This integral piece of our company manufactures finished rubber products and component parts. The division serves customers throughout North America and around the world.

The newest division of the Nott Company, the Fluid Power Division, was established in 1965. Today, this division provides customers with total fluid power solutions, which range from the distribution of standard components and manufacturing of subassemblies through the design and fabrication of engineered systems.

From its modest beginnings, Nott Company and its three divisions now employ hundreds of people across eleven locations. As an employee-owned (ESOP) company, we are confident that our dedication to growth and change will carry us successfully through the 21st century.

Three Divisions

Our three operating divisions specialize in these products and supply Nott's diversified market to support customers in North America and across the world.

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