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Cellular Materials

Since the 1960’s we have worked extensively with elastomeric materials, offering comprehensive fabricating and converting services to any virtually any flexible material. Not seeing what you’re looking for below? Let us create composite materials or supply other specialty elastomers to perfectly fit your project.

Please Contact Us with your most demanding application, and allow us to help you create an effective solution.

Silicone – Closed or open cell available. High performance elastomer with excellent resistance to heat and cold while retaining its flexibility. Outstanding resistance to compression set and most environmental conditions including weathering, ozone, and oxidation and has high dielectric strength. Poor in steam, ketones, or chlorinated hydrocarbons. This is an excellent material for high temperature gaskets, seals, weatherstripping and applications requiring flame resistance and compression set resistance.

Neoprene – All-purpose synthetic rubber with good resistance to oil, gasoline, chemicals, sunlight, ozone, and oxidation. Poor in nitric acids, aromatics, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. This is a good all-purpose product for gaskets, weatherstripping, and cushioning.

EPDM – Great elastomer for outdoor use with excellent resistance to water, weather, UV and ozone. It also has good resistance to heat, acids, alkalis, salts, chlorine solutions and has high dielectric strength. Not good in oils or solvents.

Urethane (microcellular) – This material is extremely resilient and has a very good resistance to compression set as well as excellent vibration dampening and impact absorption properties. Good resistance to chemicals, fats, oils, and greases. Not good for ketones and acids.

Urethane (open-cell foam) – Softest cellular material for gasketing, sound control, packaging, and dust seals. Good chemical resistance properties. Absorbs liquid, low cost.

NBR (Nitrile, Buna-N) – Excellent resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons, solvents, fuels, petroleum oils, alcohol, and mineral and vegetable oils. Fair acid resistance. Poor in strong oxidizing agents, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, and esters.

PVC/NBR – Good oil resistance, excellent insulation. This is a good economical alternative to cellular gaskets and weatherstripping made from 100% rubber.

White FDA Rubber – Made with ingredients approved by the FDA (for food handling applications) which also makes it non-marking. Compounded in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 for food contact.

SBR – Popular economical, abrasion resistant rubber which has low water-absorption properties. Good in weak organic acids, alcohol, moderate chemicals and ketones. Poor in oils, fats, greases, and hydrocarbons.

Natural Rubber – Open cell. Excellent vibration dampening, cushioning, and resistance to compression set. Good resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts. Poor oil and weathering resistance. This is a good, economical material for non-slip pads and cushioning/vibration dampening pads.

Viton® – Excellent resistance to most fuels and oils and also to high temperatures. Also resistant to lubricants, acids, animal and vegetable oils, ozone, weather, and hot water. Poor compression set resistance.

Fluorosilicone – Excellent temperature and weathering resistance and good resistance to fuels, coolants and oils. Poor resistance to hydraulic fluids and ketones. Very good compression set resistance.

PE – Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam. This is an economical product for weatherstripping, gaskets, thermal insulation, and packaging.

EVA – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate – This is also a good, economical product for gaskets, weatherstripping, and thermal insulation.

Epichlorohydrin – Excellent resistance to fuels, solvents, weather and ozone.

PVC Foam – Good resistance to most chemicals acids and alkalis, and very conformable. Good, low-cost alternative to gaskets, weather-stripping and air and dust seals made from 100% rubber. We can apply a 1-mil polyester film to this material, which improves its tear resistance and acts as a moisture barrier.

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