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Electro-Magnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference Shielding

Nott Company provides a number of different types of EMI/RFI products to companies in industries as diverse as defense, aerospace, telecommunications and electronics. Shielding products are used as a medium to provide electrical conductivity across a gasket-flange interface. We have such products, including electrically conductive elastomers with carbon, graphite or silver-filled silicone. In addition, we offer oriented wire in silicone, metallized fabric-covered foam, aluminum mesh and other specialty products. EMI/RFI products can be waterjet cut, die-cut, fabricated, molded or extruded, depending on the application. Please allow us to help you create an effective solution.

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Shielding materials

EC102 – An electrically conductive carbon-filled silicone that performs three distinct functions: 1) it acts as a low amperage conductor, 2) it shields RF and EM interference and 3) it protects against electrostatic discharge. It is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.020″ to 0.50″ and can be supplied in an uncured state. Volume resistivity = 5 ohm/cm.

Conductive Sheet – There are many products in this family, including items ranging from silver particle-filled rubber to nickel/carbon-filled silicone. These products usually make excellent EMI/RFI gaskets for electrical and electronic equipment.

Wire/Rubber Composites – This is a very versatile product that stops EMI/RFI radiation as well as water and dust from entering or exiting any environment. It is available in many forms, including oriented wire in silicone, metallized fabric covered foam and aluminum mesh.

Foil Laminates – These products consist of aluminum or copper foil, laminated to a plastic or paper film. They are strong, formable, uniform and are good for wraparound shielding.

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