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High Performance Tapes

Nott Company has been a full service converter of high-performance electrical, packaging, plating, thermal, and insulative tapes for over 40 years, stocking a wide variety of tapes with substrates, including PTFE, polyimide, UHMW, PTFE-coated fiberglass, polyester and foil. Most of these substrates are available with silicone, acrylic and rubber-based adhesives, and are generally stocked in either “logs” (up to 250 yards) or “jumbo” rolls (up to 5000 yards) that can be converted to any width and length to suit your needs.

Our converting equipment and our tape materials are located in a specific area to keep the adhesive in prime condition with the longest shelf life possible. Typical applications for our tapes include heat sealing, abrasion resistance, wear protection, thermal and electrical insulation, electrical and thermal conductivity, plating, fume, area-mask, and gold finger protection, hot-air leveling, coil winding and harness assembly. We can also custom-make foam tapes of any thickness and width you require.

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