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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Gaskets, seals and pads are often manufactured with pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) as an assembly aid. Nott Company can apply silicone or acrylic adhesives to silicone solid, sponge, or foam to meet your high-temperature requirements. We stock a variety of different acrylic, silicone and rubber PSAs, and within each adhesive type we carry many different liners. We also carry PSAs with and without carriers, allowing us the flexibility to address any application and turn your order around quickly. In addition, we are an authorized converter of 3M adhesives, and we work with several other adhesive manufacturers to ensure access to whatever our customers require.

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Silicone PSAs – Silicone-based adhesives are the most expensive adhesives. They are generally used for their temperature resistance. They have low initial tack strength that builds over time and can withstand continuous temperatures of 400°F and intermittent temperatures of 500°F. Silicone PSAs have a maximum shelf life of 6 months.

Acrylic PSAs – Acrylic adhesives are the most commonly used PSA because they are the most versatile and have very good overall properties. They are compounded in many different ways to allow adhesion to rough surfaces, porous surfaces, powder-coated and other low-surface-energy surfaces, and many other surfaces. They are most commonly used in thicknesses ranging from 0.002” to 0.005”, but are available in thicknesses up to 0.020”. Acrylics have good chemical, UV and shear resistance and can handle temperatures ranging from –40°F to 300°F. They have a maximum shelf life of about 2 years.

Rubber PSAs – Rubber-based adhesives are generally the least expensive adhesives. They usually have high initial tack strength and about a one-year maximum shelf life. These adhesives tend to harden (and lose adhesion) over time, especially when exposed to sunlight and weather.

Electrically Conductive PSA – We have an electrically conductive PSA in stock for your EMI or ESD applications. The electrically conductive, pressure-sensitive adhesive that we stock is an acrylic and is used for EMI shielding and for ESD grounding of gaskets and pads.

Thermally Conductive PSA – We stock a thermally conductive, acrylic PSA from Saint Gobain, a world leader in ceramics technology. Thermally conductive adhesives are filled with ceramic particles to promote heat transfer from the heat-generating device to the heat sink. Ceramics tend to “kill” the adhesion of PSAs, so it is very important to have the technology to engineer and compound these products accurately to ensure performance.

Acrylic-foam Adhesives – We have several different acrylic-foam adhesives in stock, in thicknesses ranging from 0.015” to 0.062”. Acrylic foams are flexible, high-strength bonding materials for a variety of applications, and can replace mechanical fasteners in many instances. We can die cut or slit these products into any size, shape, or width needed.

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