Customized Kitting and Assemblies

Simplify fluid power projects and reduce inventory

Nott excels at providing jointly developed, customer-specific kitting and assemblies to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness and keep your costs low. Nott’s ability to produce and deliver customized kitting and assembly solutions is a value appreciated by our customers because it has proven essential to their success.

Custom Kitting

Nott’s ability to provide custom kits enables customers to increase their material velocity by consolidating purchases, which reduces lead-times, purchasing/receiving processes, in-plant materials transactions, and assembly time and costs. Our supply-chain experts will work to maximize your usable floor space while dramatically reducing your on-site inventory.

Customer-Specific Assemblies

Nott’s assembly capabilities allow us to deliver your specific solution directly to your assembly line or application. Leveraging our extensive inventory stocks across our distribution centers, we can eliminate the need for excess inventory of parts to support your requirements. Take advantage of our substantial investments and put them to work for you.

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