Cylinder Trade-in Program

Competitive Cylinder Trade-in Program

Nott Company has partnered with Parker Hannifin Corporation to offer a competitive cylinder trade-in program.

This partnership has enabled Nott Company to bring the industry’s premier cylinder product to our customers as a replacement for offerings installed by our competitors. The program requires that the cylinder you want to replace must meet all the following criteria:

  1. Competitive product installed on a machine and requiring replacement.
  2. Surrender of competitive product being replaced.
  3. The Parker Hannifin product series currently being offered for competitive direct replacements are: 2A, 2AN, 3L, 2H, 3H (7” & 8”), VH, 2HD, HMI.

Please contact a Nott Company customer service team member at (800) 778-5739 to determine if your application qualifies for this program.

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