Parker Certified Hose Assemblies

Nott Company builds custom hose assemblies to your specifications, following Parker’s exacting assembly standards. We supply you with the correct hose assembly whenever you need it. Our technical experts will work with you to solve your challenging applications, utilizing both standard and customized hose products, with the goal of minimizing your overall finished costs.

Nott’s high-speed production hose cells can crimp 6-spiral wrap hose, and are programmable up to 6-inch diameters. Hoses are crimped to the exact specified diameters, per Parker’s assembly standards.

Nott’s electronically controlled automatic cut-off saws ensure accurate repeatable hose lengths. Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment allows us to supply your standard hose assemblies, as well as cut-to-length tubing or hose, economically and precisely to your tolerances.

Nott can also clean/cap your hoses with ISO Code 13/10 available, which will eliminate contaminates from being built into your equipment.

Nott can custom label hoses to your unique specifications, including applying your name, barcodes and part number. We can also use “MIL Spec” labels to build traceability. This allows your operation easy identification during equipment assembly, and aftermarket identification of replacement hoses is also easier.

Ask your Nott representative about kitting, including combining hoses with all the components needed to assemble your equipment. Nott works to reduce the costs and risks of managing your operation by reducing your management of many individual inventory items to just one inventory item: “the kit”.

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