Source One Supply Chain Solutions

Source One Supply Chain Solutions – Connecting Customer and Supplier

Nott Company is proud to be a founding member of the Source One Alliance, a group of leading industrial suppliers working together to offer world-class integrated supply solutions.

Deploying proprietary web-based supply chain software, Source One offers complete inventory and material stores management, thereby replacing multiple purchase orders with one consolidated order point. Customers who have chosen Source One have experienced reduced inventory, simplified procurement support and reduced inventory-management costs. For qualified customers, there is no added cost for this service.

Source One’s web-based technology provides an automated supplier Kanban/pull system that advances your lean-manufacturing and office initiatives.

Proven capabilities and benefits of Source One Include:

  • In-plant personnel
  • Barcode Kanban systems
  • Point-of-use delivery
  • MRP integration
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Consolidated ordering, invoicing and payments
  • EDI/XML data communications
  • Reduced supplier base (direct/indirect material)
  • Reduced overall cost of acquiring materials and supplies
  • Direct risk reduction for product lifecycle management
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