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Nott Co discusses the future of fluid power electrification with Zeus & NFPA leaders

Nott Co Engineering Manager DJ O’Konek and Zeus Electric Chassis CEO Bob Grinstead join host Erik Lanke of the National Fluid Power Association to discuss the electrification of fluid power systems in the work truck and other heavy vehicle markets.

In this episode of Fluid Power Forum, listeners can learn more about Nott’s work with Zeus and how this relationship is changing the future of electric work vehicles.

While Zeus is responsible for the design of the core vehicle and higher value propulsion parts (chassis, cab, steering, etc.), the engineering teams at Nott provide hydraulics, electronics, and engineering for the integration of those components into the vehicles.

“I see fluid power entering a renaissance of sorts, with all the electrification and electronic controls that are being added into devices and the cost of electronics going down,” says O’Konek about the integration of more electrified systems into these traditional work vehicles. “I’m seeing smart pumps, smart valves, and all of these intelligent devices, and I think we’re headed into a real fun time in the hydraulics world.”

Part of that fun includes how electrification increases the efficiency and lifetime of these vehicles. Electrification does not mean the removal of hydraulic systems; it just means that the prime movers of these functions are changing from internal combustion engines to electric motors. Electronic power not only allows for more flexibility in the configuration of a wide range of vehicles, but also much more data than traditional power systems can provide.

These E-pumps have access to the propulsion batteries which is different than many other manufacturers. This removes the need for a two separate charging systems or other complexities within the builds. This also allows for the consolidation of most of the functions into a primary screen in the system, further reducing clutter on the dashboard of the vehicle’s cab.

When it comes to data, electronic systems allow closer monitoring of operating conditions and more visibility of the reports via “the cloud”. Engineers are able to run calculations and determine performance status in real time rather than waiting until system failure to provide scheduled maintenance and reduce the downtime needed for repairs.

Nott Company is proud of its work on electrifying the work truck industry with our partners at Zeus. Listen to the full episode of Fluid Power Forum with Erik Lanke by clicking here.

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