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Customer EDI

Nott Company is a fully capable EDI partner, from order entry through shipping and invoicing. We have EDI services implemented across a broad range of customers, for blanket demands, bin-fill systems and immediate-demand requests. We can support most transaction requirements to efficiently handle your order-fulfillment needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help streamline your ordering processes and lower operating costs through a custom-tailored EDI initiative.

Inventory MAnagement

Whether you’re a global leader or a startup, you can benefit from Nott’s established network of facilities, technology systems, and supply-chain experts to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to meet your demanding requirements. Using state-of-the-art technology and inventory management principles, Nott can help you prepare for the challenges of uncertainty.

Nott’s inventory management expertise will enable you to:

  • Improve material velocity throughout your organization to improve your cash cycle
  • Provide industry leading on-time delivery
  • Ensure critical coverage that anticipates variations in demand
  • Protect your costs and margins by direct management of the supply chain
  • Employ our established and proven systems to support your business requirements
  • Create inventory management stocking agreements to ensure direct communication and coordination on material requirements

Source One Alliance

Nott Company is proud to be a founding member of the Source One Alliance, a group of leading industrial suppliers working together to offer world-class integrated supply solutions.

Deploying proprietary web-based supply chain software, Source One offers complete inventory and material stores management, thereby replacing multiple purchase orders with one consolidated order point. Customers who have chosen Source One have experienced reduced inventory, simplified procurement support and reduced inventory-management costs. For qualified customers, there is no added cost for this service.

Source One’s web-based technology provides an automated supplier Kanban/pull system that advances your lean-manufacturing and office initiatives.

Proven capabilities and benefits of Source One Include:

  • In-plant personnel
  • Barcode Kanban systems
  • Point-of-use delivery
  • MRP integration
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Consolidated ordering, invoicing and payments
  • EDI/XML data communications
  • Reduced supplier base (direct/indirect material)
  • Reduced overall cost of acquiring materials and supplies
  • Direct risk reduction for product lifecycle management

Product Selection Assistance

At Nott Company, we place a high value on the trust we’ve earned from our customers over the decades. Their trust has allowed us to provide quality service to the variety of businesses and opportunities that our customers represent.

Our resources include a combination of talented customer service representatives, certified pneumatic and hydraulic specialists and an engineering department to assist with evaluating and recommending your application needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Parker-certified hose assembly

Nott Company builds custom hose assemblies to your specifications, following Parker’s exacting assembly standards. We supply you with the correct hose assembly whenever you need it. Our technical experts will work with you to solve your challenging applications, utilizing both standard and customized hose products, with the goal of minimizing your overall finished costs.

Our high-speed production hose cells can crimp 6-spiral wrap hose, and are programmable up to 6-inch diameters. Hoses are crimped to the exact specified diameters, per Parker’s assembly standards. We also have electronically controlled automatic cut-off saws that ensure accurate repeatable hose lengths. Our investment in state-of-the-art equipment allows us to supply your standard hose assemblies, as well as cut-to-length tubing or hose, economically and precisely to your tolerances.

Other options include  cleaning/capping your hoses with ISO Code 13/10 available, which will eliminate contaminates from being built into your equipment. We’ll even custom label hoses to your unique specifications, including applying your name, barcodes and part number. We can also use “MIL Spec” labels to build traceability. This allows your operation easy identification during equipment assembly, and aftermarket identification of replacement hoses is also easier.

Ask your Nott representative about kitting, including combining hoses with all the components needed to assemble your equipment. Nott works to reduce the costs and risks of managing your operation by reducing your management of many individual inventory items to just one inventory item: “the kit”.

sub-assembly design & fabrication

In today’s unrelenting economic environment, businesses are driven to continuously lower total costs while improving quality. It is increasingly imperative to work across historical boundaries to develop the most precise, creative and cost-effective solutions.

As an experienced tier-1 supplier serving numerous industries and demanding applications, Nott specializes in providing customers with complex fluid power sub-assemblies. Our team will remove the complexities of your daily operations to provide you with high quality assembly services that offer you the opportunity to focus on what you do best.

Leveraging proven application know-how and expertise in sub-assembly design, and backed by expert engineering support, our certified Fluid Power Technology Center will leverage one of the industry’s largest parts inventories to provide total flexibility and maximize your savings.

Contact your nearest Nott Sales representative for all your fluid power needs, ranging from sub-assemblies to fully engineered systems (hydraulic and pneumatic circuits).

custom kitting & assemblies

Nott excels at providing jointly developed, customer-specific kitting and assemblies to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness and keep your costs low. Nott’s ability to produce and deliver customized kitting and assembly solutions is a value appreciated by our customers because it has proven essential to their success.

Custom Kitting: Nott’s ability to provide custom kits enables customers to increase their material velocity by consolidating purchases, which reduces lead-times, purchasing/receiving processes, in-plant materials transactions, and assembly time and costs. Our supply-chain experts will work to maximize your usable floor space while dramatically reducing your on-site inventory.

Customer-Specific Assemblies: Nott’s assembly capabilities allow us to deliver your specific solution directly to your assembly line or application. Leveraging our extensive inventory stocks across our distribution centers, we can eliminate the need for excess inventory of parts to support your requirements. Take advantage of our substantial investments and put them to work for you.

cylinder trade-in program

Nott Company has partnered with Parker Hannifin Corporation to offer a competitive cylinder trade-in program.

This partnership has enabled Nott Company to bring the industry’s premier cylinder product to our customers as a replacement for offerings installed by our competitors. The program requires that the cylinder you want to replace must meet all the following criteria:

  1. Competitive product installed on a machine and requiring replacement.
  2. Surrender of competitive product being replaced.
  3. The Parker Hannifin product series currently being offered for competitive direct replacements are: 2A, 2AN, 3L, 2H, 3H (7” & 8”), VH, 2HD, HMI.

Please contact a Nott Company customer service team member at (800) 778-5739 to determine if your application qualifies for this program.

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