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Our engineers will work closely with your needs to design a system with the most efficient and ease-of-maintenance components. Our custom units range from small vertical units, horizontal units, and units that need to be designed to fit a specific footprint in a certain area. We can offer compact units of .5 GPM to large units that generate 100’s of GPM.

Fabrication and testing is done at our facility in Savage, MN. Whether it be one or a hundred, we can handle it. Have an existing power unit? We’ll review, improve, and upgrade the unit to your needs – even if it’s just troubleshooting a quick fix.

Areas of specialized fluid power competency:

integrated circuitry

Integrated fluid power circuits save you time, materials, space and money. Integrated circuits are especially helpful in reducing piping and leak potentials while saving precious space. Nott Company can design custom manifolds to meet your flow and pressure requirements. In addition, we can provide manifolds with hydraulic cartridges and other valves that not only meet your specific needs, but also solve persistent problems that might exist at your site.

din logic

Nott Company has full 3D CAD design capabilities for custom DIN cartridge manifolds. We can design and build custom DIN manifolds to meet your specific application requirements. With designs covering a full range of flows and pressures, we can integrate a wide variety of control systems, including motion controllers and process controllers with your hydraulic system.

system design

As a Certified Parker Technology Center (hydraulic and pneumatic), complemented by full fluid power product and service offerings, Nott Company is uniquely qualified to deploy the full range of leading system options to your unique application requirements. Decades of experience, developed through partnerships with leading Global OEM and MRO customers, both mobile and industrial, quickly and efficiently brings you the highest quality hydraulic and pneumatics technologies.

Our Hydraulic System Engineer (HSE) certified specialists and experienced engineers can deploy the latest in design tools, including 3D CAD software (most leading architectures are supported), computerized flow dynamics and a network of leading industry specialists. Our experts and equipment deliver systems that optimize the initial build investment vs. total lifetime operating costs.

kits & sub-assemblies

Partnering with a full-line supplier that can deliver value-added kitting and subassembly services is an integral resource for a lean manufacturing supply chain. Nott’s kitting and subassembly services can eliminate the redundancies and complexities inherent with managing hundreds of individual parts. Leveraging this service, our customers have been able to improve their focus on core competencies by eliminating non-value-added activities.

Because we are a full-line fluid power distributor with one of the industry’s most extensive product offerings, we are able combine our kitting and subassembly services with a total-component cost advantage that is difficult to match.

custom power units

Developed through decades of solving the most demanding application challenges, our engineers and technicians have a wealth of experience in designing and building virtually every type of hydraulic power unit required. When designing your system, our engineers take the time to work with you and gain a thorough knowledge of your unique application requirements and operating conditions. This collaborative approach enables Nott to properly build a power unit (or other components) to meet the most demanding standards. Nott Company has the experience, the equipment and the technology to completely satisfy your power unit or custom assembly requirements.

diagnostic testing

Using tools like the Parker SensoTM Control and the Parker PLC 3000, Nott Company can help you monitor and diagnose your system’s circuit needs.

Whether your concern is pressure, flow, temperature or cleanliness, Nott Company has the tools and experience to diagnose your system’s issues and keep your system running at peak performance levels.

pneumatic panels

Whether you need help designing a complete pneumatic system or satisfy a customer with assembled pneumatic components, Nott Company can help you find a solution. Working with Parker Hannifin, Nott Company is a certified Pneumatic Technology Center that will supply, assemble, and test components to meet your most demanding specifications.

electro-mechanical automation

With decades of application experience, unsurpassed product knowledge, and access to the industry’s most comprehensive variety of control systems, Nott Company can provide you with the most efficient components and systems for your automation needs.

Leveraging our experienced engineering team, Nott can also provide a custom solution to meet your specific application requirements. Utilizing leading Parker Hannifin brands like Bayside®, Compumotor, and Daedal, we can use our system-design expertise and knowledge of electronic controls to provide precise motion-control recommendations for any fluid power application.

circuit design

Nott engineers can produce a circuit from your rough schematic, from your flow and pressure requirements, or from completed machine drawings.

Simply send us your rough schematics, flow and pressure requirements, or machine drawings, and tell us if there is any special material in the circuit. We’ll quickly and accurately build a circuit for your specific application.

Our engineers can also work around any specific size parameters, providing design assistance they have developed through decades of solving the most demanding requirements.

equipment repair & rebuilding

Our Parker Certified Technology Center can handle virtually all your test, repair and rebuild requirements. Whether you have a warranty claim or a tool in need of repair, Nott Company can work with you to make sure your pump, cylinder or valve is quickly repaired to its original factory specifications.

The experienced technicians at our Technology Center have also been trained and certified to test and repair your Enerpac® hydraulic power tools to keep your production downtime to a minimum.

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