Material Management Services

Inventory Management

Nott Company can provide effective options to best meet your individual inventory management needs. We offer just in time (JIT), lean manufacturing, and vendor-managed inventory services (VMI).

Replacement Parts Warehousing

Nott Company currently provides customers with replacement, or spare parts, shipped directly to the end user. Nott Company’s seamless system reduces your warehousing costs, while improving service to your customers. Transactions are done electronically to further reduce costs, eliminate errors and ensure confidential data.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Nott Company has broad EDI capabilities to reduce your transaction costs and eliminate errors, while improving delivery performance. Our technology is compatible with the new XML standards in document transmissions.


Nott Company has many options to provide Kanban inventory solutions for customers. These range from simple two-bin solutions to electronic bar code readers.

Contact us for any of the above services, and we can show you how we have become a successful partner to customers like you.

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