Production Services


Nott Company will “kit” and/or special-package parts to improve your efficiencies in operations or manufacturing. Nott Company can procure the parts for your needs or you may provide the parts for these kits, whether you want two or two hundred parts in a kit or package.


Nott Company has success and expertise in providing complete and tested assemblies. We can provide a complete assembly ready to be installed as a component in your product or for your production facility. Nott Company can aid you in meeting your lean manufacturing requirements by providing assemblies with strict shipping-date requirements.

Private labeling

A key part of Nott Industrial’s value-added services is private labeling of parts. This ensures that your customers can readily identify your parts and contact you directly for replacements.

Belt Slitting and Punching

Nott Company can slit, splice and punch belts at our facilities. In addition, we have state-of-the-art equipment to meet your conveyor belting needs.

Gear Reducers and Clutch - Assembly and Repair

Nott Company is a fully authorized assembly and repair shop for major gear and clutch manufacturers. We service both MRO operations and OEM manufacturers. When your availability requirements are critical, contact Nott Company today for your custom solutions.

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