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the Claw Game by Nott

The engineering teams at Nott Company have been hard at work developing and building our very own fully functional claw machine, ready for players to try their hand at capturing a prize. This nostalgic creation is a joint effort from all four Nott divisions, showcasing how each of their unique abilities can work together to provide creative custom solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Nott Company has officially debuted the new machine at The Battery Show & EV Tech Expo, which runs from September 13-15 in Novi, MI.

"This project was never about re-inventing the claw machine. It has always been about showcasing the ingenuity of our engineers, the quality of our products, and the advancements that have been made in the world of hydraulics."

The Claw Game is also a prime demonstration of the best-in-class products we offer from some of our valued suppliers. Components such as Vanguard’s Batteries and Parker’s GVM Motors are especially significant as we continue to evolve towards a more sustainable future by integrating electronic elements into hydraulic and mechanical systems.

Vanguard has created a state-of-the-art battery package that is very easy to integrate into any low voltage mobile system. Since the Battery Management system is fully integrated into the battery package itself it removes the need to create a battery control system for each individual project.

The Parker GVM Motor is an industry leading PMAC motor that provides some of the highest power densities and efficiencies on the market today. Utilizing this motor in our designs results in extended battery life, and from a smaller package than our competitors.

MRS Electronic also provided the displays and controllers that allow all the components to talk to one another and provide an informative interface for the operator. This is all created by our expert team of engineers writing the control software in QT and C# to make a seamless control system.

Fostering strong relationships with our partners to guarantee top quality products is just one of the many ways we curate an exceptional experience for our customers. Check us out at the Battery Show in Booth #1249 to see the claw in action and learn more about our commitment to creating high performance integration systems and solutions that are reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable.

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