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New Product Announcement

Parker announces AC650G, an economical AC variable speed drive for general purpose applications.

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is pleased to announce that the AC650G is now commercially available within North America. By leveraging its Asian manufacturing capabilities, Parker SSD Drives has been able to create a cost-optimized version of the AC650V variable speed drive which is more closely aligned to the small (up to 10 HP/7.5 kW) adjustable speed drives market.

The AC650G expands upon the simple, no-fuss philosophy of the AC650 Series and provides reliable, robust motor control from 0.33 HP (0.25 kW) through to 10 HP (7.5 kW). The AC650G is well suited to applications requiring accurate control at lower speeds, higher starting torques or where improved speed regulation of variable loads is important. So whether it is controlling a conveyor belt, automatic barrier, machine spindle or other high performance application, the sensorless flux vector technology of the AC650G delivers improved control. With sensorless flux vector technology, the AC650G allows improved motor control at lower speeds, better speed regulation of variable loads and higher starting torques for high inertia systems. The AC650G offers the same high level of specification as the AC650V including:

  • High torque sensorless vector control mode for advanced motor control
  • Fully configurable with graphical software tools such as DSE Lite
  • Additional user configurable I/O points offering increased control capabilities
  • Additional PROFIBUS communications options for integration into PLC systems

Units of the following part number configurations are stocked for quick delivery.

  • 230V/0.5 HP 650G-21122010-001P00-B2
  • 230V/0.75 HP 650G-21130010-001P00-B2
  • 230V/1 HP 650G-21140010-001P00-B2
  • 230V/2 HP 650G-21170020-001P00-B2
  • 230V/3 HP 650G-22196030-B01P00-B2
  • 230V/5 HP 650G-23216430-B01P00-B2
  • 460V/0.5 HP 650G-43115020-B01P00-B2
  • 460V/0.75 HP 650G-43120020-B01P00-B2
  • 460V/1 HP 650G-43120020-B01P00-B2
  • 460V/2 HP 650G-43125020-B01P00-B2
  • 460V/3 HP 650G-43145020-B01P00-B2
  • 460V/5 HP 650G-43190030-B01P00-B2
  • 460V/7.5 HP 650G-43212030-B01P00-B2
  • 460V/10 HP 650G-43216030-B01P00-B2

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