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Introducing: The Claw Game by Nott

“This project was never about re-inventing the claw machine. It has always been about showcasing the ingenuity of our engineers, the quality of our products, and the advancements that have been made in the world of hydraulics.”

Nott Company has officially debuted the new claw machine at the Battery Show & EV Tech Expo, which runs from September 13-15 in Novi, MI.

Nott Company Expanding Parker Valve Build Program

Nott Company is expanding its Parker Valve Build Program to include the new K220LS Series Mobile Directional Valve in addition to the current L90LS Series valve. Expansion of this program will allow our engineers to build combination valves, offering increased flow range and efficient control in heavy duty applications.

Nott Company Featured on Parker Podcast

In the first time featuring a customer as a guest on the show, Nott Company is in the spotlight of this week’s Hydraulic Valve Dialogue, a podcast from our partners at Parker.


ST. PAUL, MN: Today, long-standing Minnesota native Nott Company announced its partnership with Zeus Electric Chassis, Inc. (Zeus). The two companies headquartered in the St. Paul metro area have formalized a long-term Joint Development and Supply Agreement, positioning themselves to become a force in the industry.

Nott Company Acquires Van-Tech Corporation

Nott Company, one of Minnesota’s oldest and most respected businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Van-Tech Corporation. We are pleased to have them become part of the Nott network. Van-Tech is a Parker Mobile Hydraulic Distributor servicing Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and western Wisconsin.

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