Skiving / Vertical Sawing

services: skiving / vertical sawing

Nott Company’s Rubber Fabrication Division is a manufacturer of custom parts made from flexible materials for gasketing, sealing, insulating, cushioning, masking products and production aids. We help our customers design unique custom parts from thousands of different raw material combinations.

services: skiving / vertical sawing

With our skiving and vertical sawing capabilities, we are vertically integrated so that we can take any raw material form and have it quickly ready for our customers’ quick-to-market needs. Skiving and vertical sawing machines are excellent for bulk converting and bun splitting a variety of light-density materials for many industries, including packaging, medical, recreational and transportation.

Whether you need a simple part or a complex composite, our experienced team will collaborate with you to design, prototype and manufacture parts that meet your most exacting requirements. Allow us to help your purchasing and engineering departments select the material and design of your parts to help you reduce cost and shorten your product’s time to market.

Please call us to discuss your application or schedule a visit with one of our expert salespeople. We have been helping our customers succeed by manufacturing custom parts from flexible materials for over 50 years. Let us put our expertise to work for you.

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