Electrical Insulation

Nott Company offers a variety of products to help you with applications requiring custom electrically insulative materials.

electrical insulation

Applications include electric motors, electric heating equipment, traction motors, generators and several other electronic applications that require insulators, dielectric barriers and heat shields.

Polyimide - Available from .0003" to .010" thick, this film has exceptional heat resistance, mechanical strength and dielectric properties.

Aramid fiber (Nomex®) - Available from .003" to .030" thick, Aramid paper can be creased and formed, and it is UL listed.

Vulcanized Fiber (Fishpaper) - Chemically hardened cotton paper with excellent dielectric strength and high friction and oil resistance. Can be formed.

Kraft paper - Kraft paper is a cellulose fiber-based product that is often purified for electrical application.

Formex™ flame-retardant polypropylene - Moisture resistant, with high dielectric strength. Excellent scoring/folding performance and UL 94V-0 rating.

Polypropylene – Tough and rigid, with outstanding flex life. Excellent abrasion resistance and good chemical resistance.

Polyester - Very strong with a good balance of physical and chemical properties. Outstanding dielectric strength for electrical insulation. Also known as Mylar™ and Mellinex™.

PTFE – PTFE has excellent chemical resistance and high dielectric strength; it is also non-flammable and inert to weather and sunlight. Very low friction coefficient.

Valox™ – Valox is a polyester-based (PET or PBT) thermoplastic that has good heat and chemical resistance, as well as outstanding electrical properties with very good surface appearance.

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