Nott VMI+

Nott Company is your partner in developing an inventory management system that works for your organization with a flexible, tailored approach.

Inventory Management Made Easy

Nott VMI+ is designed to save you time, money, and effort with streamlined processes that keep operations running smoothly. You’ll work with dedicated VMI analysts who specialize in technical support, engineering, high service levels, and more. Our program provides a team with decades of inventory management experience, multiple shipping centers for quick delivery times, and product consumption analysis reports to optimize stocking levels. You won’t find an easier VMI program anywhere else.

Fluid Power Components

VMI+ can help organize your fluid power component inventory from a wide range of suppliers all in one place. From simple valves and fittings to kitted systems, we’ll structure your stock with custom bin sizes, colors, and pictorial labels that are easy to find.

smart solutions

System Solutions

Our VMI specialists & engineers can help find the right solution for new or existing systems and add needed components to your inventory. We also offer kitted systems that are easily put together and delivered right to your assembly line for immediate integration.

Cross-Divisional Products

Looking for more than just fluid power products? Talk to your Nott representative about adding inventory from our other divisions to complete your warehouse stock with ancillary products in Engineered Materials Solutions and Industrial Engineered Solutions.

Engineering Resources

You will have access to expert Nott engineering teams who can assist with expanding your VMI program or other technical challenges facing your organization.

Benefits of VMI+


  • Simplify ordering
  • No data entry errors (human & computer)
  • Only generate POs when needed


  • Lower planning, ordering, & shipping costs
  • Upgrade JIT to decrease total inventory levels
  • Less slow-moving inventory


  • Reduce stock-outs
  • Stock stays local to drop transportation time
  • Faster production


  • Enhance stock visibility
  • Schedule weekly reviews
  • More transparency between parties

How It Works

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We’ll be your safety stock so you can optimize other critical areas of your business.

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