Supplier Freight Routing

Nott Company has contracted with Freight Pros, formerly Transaver, as our transportation partner.  As our supplier, we require you to comply with the following routing instructions unless otherwise informed.

Be sure to adhere to the purchase order instructions when shipments are identified as shipping COLLECT or PREPAID or deemed as a DROP SHIPMENT

If specific needs, such as temperature control, flatbed etc. currently exist, please advise Freight Pros so they can promptly evaluate those needs.  Please ensure that personnel within your organization understand and implement the following instructions. Suppliers’ adherence will be monitored, and failure to comply with our specific requests will result in chargebacks.


  • “Prepay & Add” shipments are UNACCEPTABLE and should ship “Collect”.  Exceptions to collect shipments are those moving third party to Nott Company’s customers when Nott Company has authorized third party billing.
  • When possible, combine multiple shipments under a single bill of lading.  Do not delay movement more than one day unless instructed by Nott Company.
  • All materials must be packed and shipped in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Uniform Freight Classification and Hazardous Materials Regulations. Be sure to include our “Purchase Order Number” and “Quantity Shipped” on all packing slips.  Attach a copy to the outside of the shipping container.


Air or express shipments must have prior approval from Nott Company.  Air or express shipments should be shipped collect or third party when third party billing is approved.


Nott Co. preferred carrier is UPS GROUND.  Refer to the account # specified on each purchase order, or within the email accompanying the purchase order, unless otherwise noted. When Nott Company is responsible to pay freight, the shipment should be sent freight collect.  DO NOT SEND VIA EXPEDITED METHOD UNLESS INSTRUCTED BY NOTT.


For shipments that exceed 150# and cannot ship via parcel service, please route shipments through Freight Pros by calling 1-888-297-6968 OPT 1.  You may also reach them via email at or

Please see the accompanying Freight Pros routing instructions.


Suppliers should email Freight Pros at or

In order that they can create the BOL and contact the appropriate carrier to schedule the pickup.  It is important to use this BOL to ensure proper billing procedures.


  • Date shipment is ready
  • Shipper name, address, contact information (pick up location) and shipping hours
  • Consignee name, address, contact information (delivery location) and delivery hours
  • Weight, dimensions, and piece count
  • Stackable or not?
  • PO number and due date (If applicable)
  • Commodity description of freight being shipped
  • Any special requirements for equipment (temp control needs, flat bed, tarps, load bars, lift gate, etc.)

FREIGHTPROS Contact is 1-888-297-6968 OPT 1

Based on the information provided, Freight Pros will designate a carrier to meet our service needs.   

We are asking for your compliance to this new process.  In the event you do not adhere to this process and routing program you could be subject to chargebacks for any excessive freight charges.

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