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Coated Fabrics

We offer an extensive range of products with PTFE, silicone rubber and organic rubber coatings on a wide variety of fiberglass and other woven-fabric materials. We can also apply acrylic and silicone-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive backings with peel-away liners to most materials.

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PTFE Coated Fiberglass

We stock three grades of PTFE-coated fiberglass in our inventory, ranging in thickness from 0.003” to 0.010”, with thicker materials available if needed. Nott Company’s PTFE-coated fabrics combine the easy release and heat resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene (also known as PTFE, or Teflon®) with the strength and dimensional stability of fiberglass, creating a product suited for a variety of demanding industrial applications. Dimensionally stable in a range of temperatures from -100° to +550°F (-73° to 288°C), PTFE-coated fabric is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and is FDA compliant (21 CFR 177.1550) for use in food processing, packaging and handling. The fabric is made from woven fiberglass cloth that has been coated with PTFE.

Silicone Rubber-Coated Fiberglass

We stock three types of silicone-coated fiberglass.


These silicone rubber-coated fabrics have the best electrical properties, along with the greatest pliability. Temperature ranges for this grade are from -85°F through +500°F. The cross-linked silicone, available on one or two sides, is reinforced with a fiberglass carrier. The standard product is designed with a soft, compressible surface. Typical applications include diaphragms, electrical and thermal insulation, gaskets, conveyor belts, shrink tunnel curtains and release or separator plastics.


Thermally conductive products incorporate special fillers in order to gain thermal conductivity. Its fiberglass reinforcement, while supporting the silicone rubber impregnation, provides dimensional stability and cut-through resistance. Temperature ranges for this grade are from -85°F through +455°F. These fabrics may be die cut into specific sizes and an adhesive with a peel-away liner for ease of application can be laminated onto one side. Applications include heat sink gaskets, heat-transfer cushioning and cost-effective replacements for mica and thermally conductive grease.


This calendar-coated, reinforced solid silicone rubber is designed to offer a superior smooth surface. Calender-coated products provide increased tensile strength allowing for use in extremely high pressure (up to 1000 PSI) and high temperature (up to +650°F) environments. This long-life, reversion-resistant (i.e., softening, outgassing) grade is excellent for press pads in extreme temperature and pressure lamination applications, and for other applications involving the tough combination of high load confinement at high temperatures.

Rubber Coated Fabrics

We stock a variety of other coated fabrics, including combinations of EPDM, Neoprene, SBR, Nitrile and Chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber – Hypalon®, with fabrics including polyester, Nomex®, nylon and cotton.

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