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Noise & Vibration Control Materials

These products are used to control and minimize noise and vibration in industrial and commercial environments. The products work by absorbing (usually with foams) airborne noise and damping structural noise or vibration (usually with dense materials or foam/dense composites). Temperatures handled by these materials range from about –40°F to 200°F. We have several of these materials in stock and can custom make the barriers or pads you need, from small quantities on manual presses to high volumes on fast CNC presses. The materials are available in many different thicknesses and widths.

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Sound-absorbing Foams – Sound-absorbing foams come in a variety of thicknesses, styles and polymers, and can have different films or coverings applied to them. In general, foams absorb high-frequency sound, are good thermal insulation and can be backed with adhesive for easier mounting. Available polymers include polyester, polyether, melamine and mold- and rot-resistant polyimide.

  • Polyesters and polyethers are frequently used in the electronic, appliance, medical, HVAC, construction, agricultural and off-highway industries. Polyethers remain stable when exposed to moisture and humidity.
  • Melamines do an excellent job of resisting flammability and heat. In addition, they are good acoustic and thermal insulators for aircraft, electronics and construction applications.
  • Polyimide foams are lightweight, and they will not rot or mold. They provide good acoustic and thermal insulation for the aerospace, military and electronics industries.

Damping Sheet – A dense rubber or “loaded” PVC, used to reduce low-frequency vibration. We can apply an adhesive backing and custom cut this product into any configuration.

Foam/Damping Sheet Composites – This is usually a combination of a cellular material and a solid material to handle the absorption and damping of a wide range of frequencies. We can apply an adhesive backing and custom cut this product into any configuration.

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