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Silicone Rubber

With over 50 years of experience using silicone solid rubber, silicone sponge rubber and silicone foam rubber, we can help you design innovative, effective, and high-performance custom silicone parts. Whether it’s die cutting, slitting, laminating, vulcanizing, or using our proprietary processes for applying adhesives to silicone rubber products, we can design, prototype and manufacture parts that meet your exacting requirements.

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What is silicone rubber?

Silicone rubber is a special elastomer because of its molecular structure. While most synthetic elastomers are made from a carbon/hydrogen structure, thus called organic polymers, silicone rubber is made from a silicon/hydrogen structure, thereby making it an inorganic polymer (Fluorosilicone rubber is also an inorganic polymer, but it replaces the hydrogen with fluorine). This structure is what gives silicone rubber its high-performance characteristics, including excellent resistance to heat, cold, compression set and most environmental conditions, including weathering, ozone and oxidation. It also has excellent resilience, high dielectric strength, very good non-stick properties, and is more inert than any other elastomer. Silicones generally do not do as well in steam, ketones, or chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Silicone Rubber (solid)

We stock an extensive array of solid silicone rubber materials from commercial grade products to exotic Mil-spec grade products. Silicone rubber is available in hardness specifications ranging from 25 durometer to 80 durometer and in thicknesses ranging from 0.010” to 1.0”. It is available in many different formulations to give it high tensile strength, superior tear resistance and reversion resistance. It can be made in many different colors but red (red/orange) is standard. Solid silicones cans also be fabric reinforced (see our Coated Fabrics page) and are available in thermally conductive versions (see Thermally Conductive page). We have silicone rubber products that meet ZZ-R-765 Class 2A, ZZ-R-765 Class 2B, ZZ-R-765 Class 3B, AMS3301, AMS3302, AMS3303, AMS3304, AMS3347, AMS3348, and AMS3349.

Silicone Sponge Rubber

We stock large quantities of silicone sponge materials ranging from commercial grade products to exotic Mil-spec grade and aerospace grade products. Silicone sponge is available in a variety of firmness and thickness specifications. It is available in many different formulations to give it very low compression set, flame retardance, thermal conductivity, and fuel resistance (Fluorosilicone). Silicone sponge is also available with a fabric reinforcement to give it dimensional stability. We have silicone sponge rubber products that meet AMS3195, AMS3196, MIL-R-6130, MIL-R-46089, and several Boeing specifications. Silicone sponge can handle temperature ranges from –100°F to 500°F.

Silicone Foam Rubber

We have a variety of different silicone foams in stock. Silicone foam is a low-density, flame-retardant material with outstanding performance for industries, including aviation, electronics, mass transit and aerospace. It has excellent compression-set resistance and is UL94V-0 listed. Silicone foam is available in thicknesses ranging from 0.063” to 1.0”. It is gray in color, but can be special-ordered in other colors. Silicone foam can handle continuous temperatures ranging from –40°F to 400°F. Please see the chart above for more information on our F12 silicone foam.

Silicone Coated Fabrics

Please see our Coated Fabrics page.

Thermally Conductive Silicone

Please see our Thermal Management page.

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